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August 4, 2012
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Doctor Who by Gigei Doctor Who by Gigei
Doctor Who
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To me, personally, I really do love this. Only a few peices of critique; for one, as a big Doctor Who fan, and this is truley nothing to do with your drawing, but the 10th and the 11th Doctor would never be in the same place in 2 different bodies, because simply they are the same person (unless the 10th Doctors double came, or one of them got a ganger, of course).
Now, fangirling aside, time for the drawing.
This drawing has lots of aspects; its funny, its cartoon, its loved. You see it and smile! Your shading is perfect, but maybe a background would be good. But, on this accasion, I think not. Ignore me. Also, maybe a bit harder colouring. This is hard to explain, and I totally and utterly understand that people draw like this, and I like it, but maybe in this cartoon you could have drawn with less, whats the word,.. splotches. Example; Doctors trousers. Can you see what I mean? Maybe not like this on this artwork. But thats just me.
Too, maybe a frame? Your choise, good without.
I know im not a perfessional critique writer, but I have said what I think can make it better, and what I love about it. But I'll add. I really do love this, and it will be going into my favourites happily. A wonderful piece, a very well done to you.
Oh, yes, I also love all their expressions too. Adds a great touch. Fabulous.
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I love the originality of this piece of art;
the original technique (as I haven't seen a style like this before)
the (probably) most famous 'characters' of the characters (the outfits are well known to big fans, little fans non-fans as the episodes that featured them are... well, popular!)
...and the fact that 10th has decided to re-claim his fame by taking 11th's TARDIS ;)!

The Dalek is drawn well, but I'm not entirely sure what it's doing; it appears to be standing still.
(I know that it's quite obvious that the threesome are running into the TARDIS to get away from it but, I wanted to add something else in :)).
I assume you didn't want to add text, because I'd possibly add something to clarify what the Dalek is doing, like if it/he/she was chasing them, then add "EXTERMINATE!" But, it's quite clear anyway!

Overall, I'd say this is an excellent creation that show style, originality and pure brilliance!
Note: This is my first critique, and I really wanted to show my appreciation, as the first critique had spelling mistakes, and more opinion then necessary (in my opinion; how ironic!)
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ItsTheTARDIS11 5 days ago  New member
Wait I was lokking at the critiques… I'm new here
ItsTheTARDIS11 5 days ago  New member
Ummm…. I'm probably gonna sound stupid by just saying I love it, which I do, after reading the comments below
OMGPFUDRBLOL 6 days ago  New member Student Photographer
doctor:your girlfriend isnt as important as the universe *roary turns the doctor around* SHE IS TO ME *roary slaps him*
OMGPFUDRBLOL 6 days ago  New member Student Photographer
lol the doctors like WTF and amelias like yay and roarys like no because now he has to slap two men for saying this
Really awesome!
fezes and bowties ARENT cool, there SPECTACULAR! geronimo!
i luvvv that
ArtsyGhost1 Mar 26, 2014  New member
I m so sorry for myself that I'm not as good as you I mean this one the most amazing pieces of doctor who fan art I have ever seen
BunnyLebowski Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
LOVE this!!
Whisper-Sky Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bowties are cool.
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